Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sanskrit in the Snow

Sometimes I feel that my original alma mater, McGill University, doesn't get enough love on this site, since I've written so many articles about Oxford, and only occasionally mention McGill in asides (apart from a brief article in 2008 and a link on the sidebar).

That's in large part down to the fact that I simply hadn't created this site yet back when I was attending McGill, and I've never been back there since (not having left Montréal under the best of circumstances).

Even so, McGill was a major, positive, formative influence on my life, and is a fantastic university (and perpetually under-rated, "Harvard of Canada" etiquette notwithstanding). While I'm not well-placed to tout its merits nowadays (the alumni network in France is strong, though, even if very Paris-centric), browsing the web today I came across this conference, which only cements for me my opinion of McGill as a damn cool place: an annual Sanskrit conference, encouraging the use of Sanskrit as a spoken language.

In Canada, of all places!

परोक्षप्रिया इव हि देवा: परोक्षप्रिया इव हि देवा: ।।

Sed quando poterimus eodem modo colloquium facere Latine?

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